Tuesday, June 13, 2006

El pianista

I`m not trying to make fun out of misery.
this is just a joke,parodying the good
movie "The pianist".


Kelly Conley said...

That's a great lil' Nazi kid. He's funny. You just wanna' boot him and his anti-semitic ball. But why does he keep saying 'the'? jus' kidding.

Rånny said...

hello, juanman, these are great drawings, thanks for dropping by my little blogger!

DaLe said...

JUAN!! you asshole! its dale! you know from school at max, no? dont remember? well thats cuz you're an ass, a columbian ass


Juanma said...

For the 9.999th time it`s Colombian
from COLOMBIA,otherwise I`d be From Columbia U.s.a
Anyway enough silly talk!!! Dude thanks for commenting i`ll check ya blog lad.